We create solutions automating business processes


Properly arranged company processes will significantly improve work, customer service and increase competitive advantage.


The preparation of a Business Case allows the identification of business needs and measurable project indicators.

Software and tools

The leading technologies in which we develop our solutions are IBM BAW 21, App Connect, Cloud Pak for Automation, Cloud Pak for Integration.

Professional IT team

Our customers are our business partners, which is why we provide the best specialists as part of our cooperation.

IBPM wspiera Twój sukces

Nasze projekty realizujemy, koncentrując się maksymalnie na wartości (ROI) dostarczanej z wdrożenia aplikacji procesowych oraz terminie GoLive (wdrożenie produkcyjne), którego oczekuje klient.
IBM Gold Partner

Wiodącą technologią, w której rozwijamy SOA Solution jest system IBM BPM wersja 8.6 (zaczynaliśmy od wersji 6.0.1) oraz App Connect (zawierający w sobie IBUS - zaczynaliśmy od wersji IBM Websphere Broker w wersji 5.0).

Pełen zakres usług

Zakres naszych usług dotyczy całego cyklu wdrożeniowego od analizy, przez wdrożenie i stabilizację platformy, implementację aplikacji, stabilizację wdrożenia, szkolenia oraz wsparcie powdrożeniowe.

Rozwiązania dla biznesu

Usprawniamy codzienną pracę naszych klientów, tworząc unikalną, dedykowaną platformę i/lub oprogramowanie. Dbamy o to, by nasze rozwiązania służyły rozwojowi całego biznesu.

ROI GoLive

Nasze projekty realizujemy, koncentrując się maksymalnie na wartości (ROI) dostarczanej z wdrożenia aplikacji procesowych oraz terminie GoLive (wdrożenie produkcyjne), którego oczekuje klient.

Solution catalogue

We are the most experienced IBM BPM implementation team in Poland and have IBM Gold Business Partner status.

IBPM Service Management

It allows you to manage people performing tasks regardless of their location. It automatically optimises the allocation of tasks to individuals and teams, optimises the routes of field workers to customers, and much more.

IBPM Inventory Hub

A platform enabling communication between various telecommunications operators participating in the wholesale market. It allows for automation of business processes related to, among other things, handling of orders and sales or handling failures.

IBPM Inventory Management

Repository for the inventory of network endpoints, the purchase of infrastructure from network operators and the sale of services on the relevant sockets in any technology. Allows for precise tracking of investment status, the status of built infrastructure and its capacity. Enables full use of the potential of the existing infrastructure.

Strategic partners

Cooperation with IT industry leaders

IBPM technologies

Our strength is the team of over 50 experienced specialists - analysts, architects and designers - who implement projects based on BPM, ODM, ESB, ECM and Business Intelligent systems.


Business process management is crucial to the way almost all organisations operate. This is because business processes underpin back-office and front-office business functions - from managing invoices and documentation, to quickly opening customer accounts and offering real-time promotional offers to potential customers.


It is a solution based on the use of robots that perform actions by simulating the work of content workers. It is ideal for automating repetitive, routine tasks. . 95 per cent of organisations that have implemented robotic process automation (RPA) say it has improved their productivity.

IBM DataPower​

IBM DataPower® Gateway is a specialized security and integration platform for Web, API, SOA, B2B, mobile and cloud applications. It helps organizations meet their digital business security and integration requirements.

IBPM Mercury

A database (object) management system that enables effective registration, searching, comparing and auditing of data used, among others, in process applications. It can perform the function of a data repository independent of the systems already existing in the organisation, or be an excellent supplement to BPM class systems or internally developed applications.

Netoloji E-Flow

Netoloji E-Flow is a platform that allows the creation of web applications to support any process in the company.Using E-Flow, employees gain a new complete tool with which they can carry out their tasks without having to search for messages in e-mails.All processes that are carried out in the enterprise can be realised in a single user interface in a web browser or in a mobile application.


It is a Platform that supports the implementation of the digital transformation of the company and the management of the so-called corporate governance. It allows the visual management of strategy, metrics (KPIs), processes, procedures, risk analysis, as well as the inventory and management of human and technical resources and control through links between assets, monitoring through reports, control panels, dashboards all aspects related to the company.

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