IBM DataPower

Secure IT infrastructure

IBM DataPower

IBM DataPower® Gateway is a specialized security and integration platform for Web, API, SOA, B2B, mobile and cloud applications. DataPower Gateway is available as a physical appliance (IDG Appliance) ready to be placed in a DMZ for the highest level of security, performance and serviceability to meet critical infrastructure requirements, and as a virtual machine (IDG Virtual) that provides the infrastructure flexibility you need with broad cloud deployment and flexible VM manager management.

IBM DataPower helps organisations meet their security and digital business integration requirements with a single gateway platform that supports multiple channels. It is an easy-to-use cloud-based solution, accessible via a web browser, which works on mobile devices and allows you to see what is going on in the company at any time from the perspective of strategy, compliance, risks or quality management and audits, among others.

Business benefits

One platform for multiple channels

Allows you to secure, integrate, control and optimise traffic delivered through multiple channels such as mobile apps, APIs, web, SOA, B2B and cloud.

Enterprise Security

IBM DataPower enables enterprise-grade security with the highest level of assurance to support sensitive enterprise applications.

Simplified Integration

Provides fast transformation of messages sent in an each-to-any configuration, acts as a bridge for transport protocols and allows protocol conversion, allows database connections, communication with mainframe systems, and content-based message routing.

Reduced costs and complexity

Using IDG as a gateway with broad capabilities allows for simplified infrastructure topology, reduced software development costs and simplified operations, which directly translates into reduced risk and measurable savings.

Faster troubleshooting

The advanced operations console provides near real-time transaction visibility and allows for centralised operational activities to identify issues faster and increase operational resilience.

Advanced security features

A single access point ensures consistent application of security strategies across all business channels, reducing operational costs and increasing security.

Ease of configuration

IBM DataPower helps reduce time-to-market and increase solution productivity.

Specialist, extensible platform ready for DMZ

Combines business flexibility and physical security, allows rapid deployment and simplifies infrastructure management - lowering TCO

Security and protection against XML threats

DataPower appliances provide organizations with a reliable XML firewall with advanced protection mechanisms against XML attacks.

Operating model

DataPower Gateway is an application-specific platform for high security, integration of mobile, cloud, API exposure, web, service oriented architecture (SOA), B2B.

IBM DataPower enables you to quickly and securely expose and offer IT resources and services in entirely new channels – giving you free access to customers, employees, and partners. Helps you quickly secure, integrate, control, and optimize access and workloads for different types of communications through a single, consistent platform. Enhances the ability of applications, services and the infrastructure itself to handle heavy workloads, helping to increase productivity and handle heavy business traffic.

Why IBM DataPower® Gateway

The use of IBM DataPower® Gateway means not only an increased level of IT infrastructure security, but also a tangible financial dimension, which translates into a reduction in the cost of handling failures and security incidents by simplifying security system architecture. IBM DataPower guarantees simpler management and reduced time of unavailability and problem diagnosis. It guarantees savings also in the area of expenditures on training, equipment, technical support and licenses.

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