IBPM Inventory HUB

A platform enabling communication between various telecommunications operators participating in the wholesale market. It allows for automation of business processes related to, among other things, handling of orders and sales or
handling failures.

Key benefits

Communication standard

Fast, repeatable and flexible integration between operational management systems. Facilitate the creation, building and operation of complex innovative services. Independence of interfaces from technology enabling use in any digital services scenario.

Rapid readiness and support for small operators

The ability to share telecommunications infrastructure through additional electronic forms, without waiting for integration between operators.

Business and IT agility

APIs that enable modular platform architecture, allowing companies to abstract complexity and establish a set of platform features that can be used to dramatically reduce time to market for new services.

Reducing the cost and complexity of operations

Reduce costs by simplifying operations and standardising interfaces.

Participation in the global wholesale communications ecosystem

A deployment that enables operators to work together to provide globally competitive telecommunications services in today's marketplace.

Support for IT transformation

Standards that provide a pragmatic way to dramatically reduce the time and risk associated with business transformation projects, ongoing maintenance and future change requests.

IBPM Inventory HUB supported by IBM technology among others

IBPM Inventory HUB is based on one of the world’s leading Intelligent Business Process Management platforms (according to Gartner) – IBM BAW. The IBM BAW platform allows for the development of solutions to manage any process for companies of all sizes. It meets the standards required by the largest corporations and is fully scalable. IBM BAW also provides functions ensuring compliance with many institutional regulations, such as data security, legal security, compliance with many standards, including source code control and management.


Visual design of simple and very complex business rules, thanks to which the procedures in force in an organisation can be run without a programmer as IT application code for making automatic decisions in any processes (purchasing, sales, production processes and others).


A professional IBPM platform that allows you to automate any process in your organisation, create applications to handle unstructured cases and manage documents/files regardless of scale.

IBM DataPower

Application layer gateway allowing services to be shared with other systems and mobile applications.


Automatic processes

Customer order processing and modification, verification of the availability of services at a given address, verification and validation of the order at a given address and appointment of a service technician.

Integration with other systems

Automatic linking of orders with contracts from the CRM class system and integration with the FSM class system to synchronise the status of orders or defects.

Electronic forms

The possibility of sending an order manually by an operator without integration, the possibility of manual validation of the address from the form and the possibility of appointing a service technician directly from the form of the manual process.

Open integration API

TM Forum’s Open API programme is a global initiative enabling end-to-end connectivity, interoperability and portability across telecom ecosystem-based services. By using standardised communication, the platform allows integration with any operator. The standard provides more than 50 interfaces to automate communication between operators.

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