IBPM Service Management

It allows you to manage people performing tasks regardless of their location. Among other things, it enables automatic optimisation of the allocation of tasks to individuals and teams and the routes used by field workers to reach customers. Gives each participant an online overview of the necessary information.

Key benefits

Process automation

Elimination of unnecessary activitiesbased on proven process patternsand business rules.

Route optimisation

Optimise the time and cost of handling service orders in the field. Mechanismsand algorithms based on geographical data, unique competences and experience of employees or subcontractors.

Analysis and monitoring

Information on the location of contractors. Analysis of all data in real time.

Incident management

Implementation of customer service processes. Management and monitoring of SLA levels.

Configuring team characteristics

Configurable characteristics of each team to carry out orders (for example: competence, experience, knowledge of technology, VIP customer service, seniority, etc.).

Sales support

Establishing plans and generating mailing lists for salespeople in the field. Handling leads and monitoring sales activities.

Mobile application

Simple and fast handling of orders by contractors. Constant communication with the service technician in the field.

IBPM Service Management supported inter alia by IBM technology

IBPM Service Management is based on one of the world’s leading Intelligent Business Process Management platforms (according to Gartner ) – IBM BAW. The IBM BAW platform allows for the development of solutions to manage any process for companies of all sizes. It meets the standards required by the largest corporations and is fully scalable. IBM BAW also provides functions ensuring compliance with many institutional regulations, such as: data security, legal security, compliance with many standards, including source code control and management.


Visual configuration of business rules, so that the rules that apply in the organisation can be run within the Service Management system. This allows us to automate many decisions and speed up the process by removing the need for employees to make manual decisions.


A professional IBPM platform that allows you to automate any process in your organisation, create applications to handle unstructured matters and manage documents/files regardless of scale.

IBM DataPower

Application layer gateway allowing services to be shared with other systems and mobile applications.

IBPM Mercury

Complete and fast informationabout the order and the history of operations. Repository of all order datain multiple perspectives enables full reporting.

Google API

Determining the shortest time for a service technician to travel between customer locations. Presentation of contractor locations on the map.


Automating tasks and minimising user activities.


Intelligent optimiser

IBPM Service Management solution with a dedicated analytics layer (browsing, task scrambling, prediction). A key element is an intelligent optimiser based on IBM and Google technologies.

Evaluation of performance

Verification of the status of individual orders, their timeliness, delays.

Selection of the team for the assignment

Manage the tasks of colleagues and third-party employees who are spread across multiple locations, sites, cities or countries.

Easy process management

The IBPM Service Management solution allows you to gather
in one place all the tasks carried out by field
workers and stationary employees regardless of the type of tasks
performed in the organisation.

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