iGrafx Business Transformation Platform

iGrafx Business Transformation Platform

It is a Platform that supports the implementation of the digital transformation of the company and the management of the so-called corporate governance. It allows the visual management of strategy, metrics (KPIs), processes, procedures, risk analysis, as well as the inventory and management of human and technical resources and control through links between assets, monitoring through reports, control panels, dashboards all aspects related to the company.

It is an easy-to-use cloud-based solution, accessible via a web browser, which works on mobile devices and allows you to see what is going on in the company at any time from the perspective of strategy, compliance, risks or quality management and audits, among others.

Business benefits

Process modelling

Identify and model business processes with the help of easy-to-use web tools and online collaboration capabilities between users.


Process improvement through simulation and analysis techniques (dedicated desktop tools with the possibility of using ready-made or creating and programming your own statistical and analysis functions for process simulation).


Ability to automate the modelled processes. Ensure continuous process compliance and increase productivity through cyclical change management.

Strategy mapping

Support for defining strategy (and linking measures, objectives, strategic initiatives) with processes and risks and metrics to ensure transparency for customers, partners and employees.

Minimising risks

The ability to manage risks effectively - identifying opportunities and threats, selecting solutions and minimising risks (mitigations and controls). Risk measurement and above all visual risk mapping in order to assess the effectiveness of the implementation of controls for risks or initiatives for opportunities.

Performance management

Ability to provide transparency on how business processes align with company strategy and support goal achievement. Create any reports in the form of charts and tables and control panels for better and continuous monitoring of implementation.

Operating model

The iGrafx Business Transformation Platform offers an integrated way to capture, model, optimise, audit, execute and monitor processes. It provides an easy-to-use interface for capturing and documenting process flows, helping your organisation be more productive in developing, documenting, communicating and managing business process information.

Forget about creating lists in WORD or EXCEL and storing company information in many places that are difficult to access or share with employees.

With the iGrafx Business Transfromation Platform, you have all your company information and relationships with the business and legal community in one place, 24/7. No more clutter or searching for files on web resources. All information in one tool in a visual and accessible form.

Why iGrafx?

iGrafx Business Transformation Platform provides a foundation for organisations seeking a holistic approach to quality management, risk management and regulatory compliance (GRC). It helps companies comply with Sarbanes-Oxley Act, RODO, HIPAA, ISO, and other regulations such as healthcare or environmental in a structured, controlled and secure manner. With iGrafx, you can develop an integrated view of your business processes and information flows, including the risk and control points you need to ensure compliance with standards and regulations.

iGrafx Business Transformation Platform provides the ability to create key performance indicators (KPIs) within any process or activity to provide real-time data on where performance issues may be occurring. Using customisable dashboards, each process owner and executive can view information about the KPIs that are most relevant to their overall objectives and make decisions to ensure the overall strategy and goals of the business are achieved.

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