Netoloji E-Flow

A platform for creating applications to support any business process in an enterprise

E-Flow platform

Netoloji E-Flow is a platform that allows the creation of applications to support any business process in the company. Using E-Flow, employees gain a new complete tool with which they can carry out their tasks without having to search for messages in e-mails, write down tasks to be performed on pieces of paper. All processes that are performed in the enterprise can be realised in a single user interface in a web browser or in a mobile application.

Business benefits

Integration with any systems

Downloading data and saving it into the CRM or ERP system or starting provisioning of customer services is possible directly from the E-Flow platform. The user no longer has to switch between several windows of different systems. E-Flow can be the main user interface to perform all operations and automatically save and retrieve data from CRM, ERP or other OSS/BSS systems.

All your business information in one place

There is no need to print forms or store case data in files or on users' local computers. All information is available centrally on the E-Flow platform.

No more lost causes

The E-Flow user portal will not allow a task to escape the user's attention as can happen when working on emails and paper forms.

Monitoring of resource load

Quickly create reports using a graphical wizard built into the user portal and make them available to managers to inform the relevant people of the status of the process within minutes.

Short implementation time

The ability to create any process in days rather than weeks.

Operating model

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Operating model

E-Flow Cloud
You can use E-Flow BPM Cloud for a monthly fee. The E-Flow BPM solution grows as your business grows.

A solution installed on the customer’s server (at a location designated by the customer), designed in a convenient and secure way to meet the requirements when running the
in the cloud is not possible.

Just a few days to implement

No programming required
E-Flow allows the creation of processes in a graphical interface in which the designer, using the mouse, places the individual elements of the process on the screen, connects them by means of lines to establish the flow of the process and then configures them using graphical menus and adds functions in a similar way to using functions in MS Excel.

Reduce costs and increase productivity

E-Flow allows you to create more business processes in less time, designing them in days or even hours. Updating and developing existing process applications is also not a problem thanks to tools to test and run new versions of the process when we need them.

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